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Add Ukrainian language

Ukraine has a ~40M population, of which, according to the last census, 67,5% consider Ukrainian their mother tongue.

Ukraine has a vibrant gaming community. Ukrainian eSports teams (go NaVi!) are some of the most successful and competitive in the world.

Valve added Ukrainian language option to Steam in 2013 and since then the number of Ukrainian Steam players (and Steam games that have a Ukrainian localization) has been steadily increasing. According to SteamSpy, as of June 2016 there were 3.7M Ukrainian players in Steam. (source: http://steamspy.com/country/UA )

Given the above mentioned arguments, we, the Ukrainian gaming community, ask of you Twitch & Amazon to add Ukrainian as one of the official languages in Twitch and allow Ukrainian language to be an official broadcasting language. We are ready to even translate everything ourselves (via Crowdin or other similar system) provided you give us such an option.

With kind regards,
Ukrainian gaming community

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