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  1. Ukraine has a ~40M population, of which, according to the last census, 67,5% consider Ukrainian their mother tongue.

    Ukraine has a vibrant gaming community. Ukrainian eSports teams (go NaVi!) are some of the most successful and competitive in the world.

    Valve added Ukrainian language option to Steam in 2013 and since then the number of Ukrainian Steam players (and Steam games that have a Ukrainian localization) has been steadily increasing. According to SteamSpy, as of June 2016 there were 3.7M Ukrainian players in Steam. (source: )

    Given the above mentioned arguments, we, the Ukrainian gaming community, ask of you…

    8,156 votes

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    2164 comments  ·  Add Language  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hey all!

    So sorry that this was closed in the past. Not entirely sure why we closed this in 2019, but I am opening it back up for you guys to vote and comment on while we investigate adding this to the site.

    Thank you so much for your continued feedback and patience with us on this request.

  2. Hey everyone!

    I'm located in Ukraine and got registered in Twitch some time ago.
    Since Twitch does not have Ukrainian localization yet I had to choose English one instead.

    Luckily there is a petition to add Ukrainian locale here:

    Nevertheless, when I logged in to my Twitch account today, I got an email notification in Russian, so I had to translate it to understand it well.

    I don't know why it happened but I would like to receive notifications either based on my location (Ukraine - in Ukrainian) or based on my profile language (English and when Ukrainian will…

    27 votes

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    4 comments  ·  Translation Error  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hi all!

    Could you please answer a few questions:

    1. What was the language you chose when you created your account?
    2. Have you changed your preferred language at all since then or recently?
    3. Is this the first time you’ve received an email in your non-preferred language, or has it always been sending emails in Russian?
    4. To be clear, if you click on your profile picture, and under “Language”, you have “English” chosen, but are receiving Russian emails?

    5. What is the language you have selected on

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