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    Anonymous commented  · 

    To ActiveB1t, the reason this is anonymous is because (as folks on the internet tend to do) is to label or malign people who would speak counter. Am I saying something 'negative'? No. I'm pointing out the reality of the situation. Yes, I realize this is due to harassment, but as a company their reach can only go so far.

    IP addresses are dynamic and can be shared by entire buildings meaning perfectly innocent users can get passed bad IPs. There are free services that offer unlimited disposable email addresses. I'm assuming that said person tweets when they go live or that they have a regular schedule for streaming? A person doesn't even need to be logged in to watch. I see point 5 you've made, but again, you're asking Twitch to enable private streaming for logged in users only; YT doesn't even go that far. They allow for a test 'Private' stream, a 'Public' stream, and an 'Unlisted' stream whereby only those with the link can view the stream (account or no account).

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Why put effort into measures that can be easily and quickly circumvented & most people are already aware of how to do this? It's like being a radio station - you can add all these preventative measures, but you can't stop idiots from calling the radio station short of taking away all the phones nearby. Even then, they can still listen to the radio.

    You're asking for a private streaming feature and it's just gonna cause problems down the road. There's enough issues with copyrighted stuff and trolls re-streaming adult stuff.

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