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    Relevant Update  ·  Twitch responded

    We’re happy to announce that we have released an additional update to address these concerns. Streamers can now prevent their banned users from watching their livestreams. You can find and turn on this feature in the Moderation settings section of the Creator Dashboard, through the “Stop banned users from viewing stream” toggle.

    Please note, this update 1). does not prevent users from watching livestreams from an incognito window or while logged out and 2). does not prevent users from viewing VODs, clips or highlights. We plan to explore extending the functionality of bans further, including but not limited to preventing VOD and clip playback.

    In addition, we’ve made an update so that users that are blocked will now automatically be blocked from watching a streamer’s livestreams.

    We will leave this thread open for your other points regarding preventing view of other content types and account creation.

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    cutepuppys99 commented  · 

    @NaikotekiYuko Cheers.
    I am with you here. I really do hope we see some more positive changes from twitch.
    There are some great Uservoice suggestions I would love to see pushed to live!

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    cutepuppys99 commented  · 

    @cowgirlcasanova13 Then like I said a few times. ban appeal..
    If you think that twitch would deny access to the one function that only exists for the purpose of appealing bans.. which is what you are saying by implying that Twitch will deny access to that function because you are making a ban sound like its all over...
    Thats like getting mad over a made up scenario thats not based in reality.

    sure it will mean some people get a wrong ban & get cut off.. MANY more will be saved from future harassment & anguish because of it..

    Sorry but you are using your thinking brain on this one.

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    cutepuppys99 commented  · 

    @cowgirlcasanova13 I'm sorry If I have misunderstood what you were getting at, I just want to clarify that you are arguing to continue support for toxic streamers?

    "This is a HORRIBLE idea! If someone is banned for a reason that isn't their fault, yet they still wish to support the streamer"
    "A banned user can't watch the stream, chat, share the stream, or literally ANYTHING that benefits the streamer. This setting is ridiculous and ought to be removed!"

    Rightly so good!
    To which you then go onto say in response to @NaikotekiYuko who clearly offers an easy solution to sharing the link.
    "if sharing a stream is so important to you just get the url like any other person and share it. "

    You come back with...

    "Did it ever occur to you that some streamers are corrupt? That some streamers do in fact ban for no reason? With this option, a streamer can shut ANYONE out of their community.
    Even people who genuinely care and just want the streamer to grow. But I guess that's what you WANT to happen cuz it's clear you support this idiotic setting that allows toxic streamers to manipulate their audience"

    So If I'm right here you want to continue supporting a toxic streamer who banned you & other wrongfully. because??
    If you think that banning people is manipulating their audience to benefit them & to thwart their plans you want to continue to support them out of spite?

    1. if you get banned & you don't think you did anything wrong you won't ban appeal & see if it was justified. you just want to call them Toxic for banning you or anyone else.

    2. you are not liking an option to toggle privacy for streamers towards banned users because it can be classed as toxic behaviour to not let a banned person view your content.

    3. you are wanting to continue supporting a streamer who wrongfully banned you. You want twitch to change a privacy setting to allow banned users to continue watching.. If you are a banned user & you are continuing to support someone who banned you wrongfully or not, you have personal issues that need addressing. Twitch does not need to go back on a VERY helpful setting that protects more people than it hurts.

    4. if you want to grow on twitch you MUST be making content on another platform to drive traffic to the streams.

    Twitch is terrible for discovery, so the very few shares or the extra 10 messages are not going to change the course of the channel or make any difference to how it grows.
    If a streamer is banning for no reason thats on them.. don't support people with bad attitudes. if you really like them that much, ill say it again.. ban appeal it!!!!! easy as that. If not they did you a solid by banning you.

    I just want to be really clear here that you want less privacy for the streamers so that people who are banned can pretend they are not & continue watching.
    & because you want stop a toxic streamer from banning everyone so they can get more views & support?

    Sorry.. you make no sense.