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    Relevant Update  ·  Ana responded

    A majority of ads on web and TV apps should now have normalized sound. We are still continuing the work on this and will update the status again when it is fully complete!

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    ArcusVince commented  · 

    I can't stress enough how I have to mute Twitch when I'm doing something while watching Twitch in my other monitor or I leave Twitch on while I'm sleeping because the ads are so drastically louder than the stream I'm watching. It's extremely distracting and I've begun to just not have Twitch open and watch something on Youtube because at least Youtube's ads don't stray away from the volume in the website's OWN PLAYER.

    Like, if I turn down the volume on a stream because the streamer's audio is higher than normal audio should be (which is good, because it gives viewers more options with their audio balancing experience as opposed to the stream's audio being too low), that I get blasted into next year because some ad is SCREAMING about some product in a style they *think* applies to gamers but is actually not how people who play video games act or think.

    Turn the ad volume down, for the love of god. I'm more than happy to view an ad since it gives a minute amount of money to the streamer and potentially keeps the lights on at Twitch, but not if I have to close the application so I don't get a headache.

    ArcusVince supported this idea  ·