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    GrooveSim commented  · 

    To people legitimately contributing feedback to this topic: Thank you. I like alot of others am quite disappointed with the sudden lane-jump the Twitch app took some time ago for both Xbox and PS.

    It (the Twitch app for console) USED to be user-friendly, intuitive, and quite a go-to app for me on both consoles. Now it just makes me angry - and maybe a bit disgusted. It doesn't *seem* to be the work of the same people who helped make Twitch the appealing, accessible site that it once was. It's changing, and not necessarily for the better. It's unfortunate.

    Lastly; to the OP (original poster); there's an excessive amount of spam in this thread. If at all possible, I suggest disabling links for your topic - if that's even an option. To EVERYONE legitimately complaining about the Twitch app, if you see spam report it, please. I've been reporting it but nothing is being done. MAYBE if enough of us report it, the spam will be deleted.

    As for the main topic (Twitch app) and the garbage spam being deleted - We can only hope.

    - Tom

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    GrooveSim commented  · 

    I immediately went back on my ps4 and use the twitch app just fine. Hopefully Twitch leaves that app alone. Another big BIG issue with the Xbox Twitch app is there is no longer a quick link for our own channel. If I want to view my channel I have to search my channel name and view it that way. Then I'm, treated like a guest. It's so bad for that and the other reasons listed. Not having chat available and the limited VOD's I can access is just wrong. I don't want to view on a small-screen phone. I want to view on my HDTV!!! Period.

    GrooveSim supported this idea  ·