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    bambikillersixtynine commented  · 

    The update has made moving and switching between streams on Xbox more choppy, slow, and disorientating then it ever was before the update. There is now a noticeable delay on streams compared to PC and mobile versions of the app, and I can guarantee that the delay was practically nonexistent before the update. The ability to chat using the keyboard integrated into the Xbox UI was removed… why? You removed the ability to press X to close and open chat. How is removing accessibility like that an update? You can no longer effectively refresh the Live Follower Channels screen as well as you could before this recent update; refreshing the list by pressing A on “Home” does not truly refresh the page and update on who is live, nor does it update their thumbnail and view count, as it did before. Overall this update has truly shown to just simply make the Xbox app harder to use. The only “update” from this whole thing is that pressing the Xbox button no longer pauses the stream you’re watching. Please revert this recent update and bring back the previous version of Xbox for Twitch. Whoever updated the site likely never actually used the previous version a single time and just ended up making it clunkier.

    bambikillersixtynine supported this idea  ·