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    Relevant Update  ·  Twitch responded

    We’re happy to announce that we have released an additional update to address these concerns. Streamers can now prevent their banned users from watching their livestreams. You can find and turn on this feature in the Moderation settings section of the Creator Dashboard, through the “Stop banned users from viewing stream” toggle.

    Please note, this update 1). does not prevent users from watching livestreams from an incognito window or while logged out and 2). does not prevent users from viewing VODs, clips or highlights. We plan to explore extending the functionality of bans further, including but not limited to preventing VOD and clip playback.

    In addition, we’ve made an update so that users that are blocked will now automatically be blocked from watching a streamer’s livestreams.

    We will leave this thread open for your other points regarding preventing view of other content types and account creation.

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    KannaKamui70 commented  · 

    There's a few channels that i watch that have the issue of being stream sniped and it ruins the gameplay and stream content of the streamer. One of the streamers that i know are pretty much getting stream sniped every single time they stream, and there's no way to block the snipers. even when they defeat the stream ****** in the game, they just respawn, look at the stream for what location to go to, and finds the streamer all over again to annoy them for the full 3-5 hours of streaming. it makes some streamers not wanna stream games because of sniping, and some viewers might not want to stay and watch the stream, because all they see is the streamer being harassed in a game the whole time. Please implement the ability to ban people from watching streamer content completely.

    KannaKamui70 supported this idea  ·