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    55 comments  ·  Safety » DMCA  ·  Admin →
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    OddtomSR commented  · 

    As a previous employee in the mass suing industry, fraud by the claimant is frighteningly prevalent in the industry as a whole, not just with copyright violations. I worked with credit card companies, and once we filed cases in the courts, it became the burden of the accused to prove innocence rather than the other way around. The courts that receive a high number of claims generally care more about things running smoothly than about whether or not claims are valid. If the paperwork is there, they will be accepted, regardless of whether there are errors or not. This is how the world of mass suing is.

    The short answer is that Twitch can and should file claims against fraudulent charges in relevant cases. Realistically, however, given how Twitch has responded thus far- hurrying to cover its own butt at the cost of streamers- it doesn't seem like they would care enough about individual streamers to actually do this for two reasons: First, in the statement Twitch sent out today, there is no mention of what to do if the charges are fraudulent or even reference to the possibility of fraudulent charges, only that streamers should learn more about copyright law if they have been affected. Second, muting or deleting all affected channels is much easier and cheaper than responding to individual cases where copyright claims are fraudulent.

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