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    Ernst_Blofield commented  · 

    Agree - this was something I thought of too - get your Business development/partnership people tow ork with Spotify so that each concurrent viewer counts as a play on spotify, and have the streamer forceably sign up for a Spotify "streamer" subscription which can then distribute the play number payment directly to Spotify as a "streamer played" song.

    - Uses Spotify license for music
    - Drives revenue to Spotify through a 'streamer license'
    - maintains good content on Twitch which has music
    - Justifies bans on channels which are playing without said license

    - Revenue from spotify to music companies may not be enough from streamer license alone (negotiation won't be easy) - Potentially use Twitch as a massive platform for Spotify events
    - Investment in extension/upkeep to ensure results are accurately being sent to Spotify
    - Might require RIAA as 3rd party negotiations

    Other considerations:
    - You have the capability of doing sub only streams, and squad stream which is taking two streams of a stream key and applying them to a twitch link. Why not take a stream key tied to the user spotify license, and within the extension link to viewer's spotify and simply make it only play music through the users spotify, at the same time as the streamer. The vod itself then wouldn't have music, but the users can listen to the same songs, via Spotify, as the streamer but record on a separate track, via separate stream key.

    Ernst_Blofield supported this idea  ·