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    toliltar-bob commented  · 

    I’m native Japanese speaker, and like to watch English streams. I watched some streamers who have many fans, so I know that they have put command in Nightbot about language spoken in chat. They ask chat to speak English.
    I can understand why they asking that. Various languages spoken in chat which they can’t understand may bother them.
    So the mods usually delete the messages which are not English whatever the messages mean. Even the messages are not bad comment, it get deleted because the mods don’t care what it means. One English comment said “not English comments are same as spam.” Isn’t this sad?
    Well, my heart hurts. I saw a comment “Why no Spanish”(I gueesd he/she wanted to ask why Spanish is bad) with sad face which was typed by the person who chatted Spanish comments which was deleted immediately. Nobody answered to that person.
    Arabic comments which was typed by people who seemed just having fun weren’t deleted instantly, but chat annoyed about that. They chatted, “Where are mods? Why they don’t delete them? Hurry up!”. The comments deleted after all.
    The most shocking case was a Japanese comment. The streamer have played the game with an another Japanese streamer in English the other day. I also heard he had tried to learn Japanese. The Japanese comment was deleted though. I could understand the exact meaning because I’m native speaker. It was “Hello” in Japanese. That's it. He/she just greeted. Despite that, the comment was deleted as same as spam or bad comments.

    I’m really sad to see these. I haven’t seen like these in Japanese streamers, also YouTube. Japanese streamers who I watched didn’t delete another languages usually. They responded when they can, otherwise just ignored.
    I can understand another languages may bother English streamers, but they are same “language”! Why is it good that a English comment and an another language comment which are same meanings deal with different? They are same meanings! Fine comments are fine and bad comments are bad whatever the language is!
    I guess this happens because streamers are hard to deal with chat in various languages. So I really want to add a translation function in chat. My image is like Twitter’s one. It will be more good to translate the comment instantly in the language which a user set and put the button of “take a look at the original language sentence.” I think this will liven up whole Twitch as well, because it can stimulate communication between streamers and chat, and also between people who typed comments in chat.

    I like Twitch, but I’m tired to be sad. Please add translation function, please.

    toliltar-bob supported this idea  ·