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    OchiZocktTV supported this idea  · 
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    OchiZocktTV commented  · 

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the new "Soundtrack" feature use exactly that: Multiple audio tracks which can then be muted separately on Twitch's side? Using OBS, it's also trivial to set up.

    I would go a step further though and leverage this feature as follows to also alleviate the problem of muted audio in VODs somewhat:

    Give the streamer the ability to send voice, game audio, possibly music, etc. on separate channels. Twitch would then normally play a mix of all these tracks. However, if e.g. copyrighted music is found on the game track, then _only_ this track would be muted in the VOD, preserving at least the other tracks (in particular voice) which would be much less annoying.

    And if possible, the viewer could also be given separate volume controls for the tracks in case (s)he doesn't like the music or wants it so be louder or quieter, but that's yet another possible feature.

    EDIT: I just learned that Soundtrack uses an OBS plugin. Otherwise, you can (currently) only select a single audio track for streaming. This should still be something that can be worked on. It would be good though if that solution would also be available under Linux since my recording/streaming rig is a Linux box. :)