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    Darkzone138 commented  · 

    Hi! This past weekend was LOL Worlds, unfortunately I couldn’t watch it live. Something that is fairly common, especially when the event is in another time zone.

    But this is no problem as I can always watch the VOD afterwards. But something that is somewhat ruining the experience for me is that I can see the time left of the video.

    However, in the biggest esports such as LOL, CS:GO, OW, and Dota 2 the big tournaments are usually played out using best of matches, meaning they play until one team reach a certain won matches. Because of this the time left of the VOD can quite easily give away how many games are played.

    Example: a VOD is 4h w a 30min intro from casters, each match is usually 40min w 15min in between and some after talk. I know when clicking on the video that this most likely only contain 3 games. Let’s now say it is a best of 5 (first to 3 wins win the whole thing). This means the team who wins the first match is the winner of the whole thing because there isn’t enough time in the VOD for the other team to win 3 matches on top of this.

    It kind of takes away the excitement of watching a grand final for Worlds, TI, a Major, etc.

    If there was a way uploaders could mark their VODs as live events so it doesn’t show the length of the video and the user has an option to watch it back as a live event w/o a time bar but still on demand as opposed to VODcasts. In the best of worlds it would even be possible to fast forward as some of these events have like 1h of countdown before anything actually starts.


    Darkzone138 supported this idea  ·