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    Trevor007 commented  · 

    I have some freinds who really want to stream, however they are on the new generation Ipv6 connection.

    I learned recently that twitch does NOT allow users to stream on IPV6 Because the homepage and the streaming servers are on IPV4, old generation network connectivity.

    If it was me, and I didn't bother to stream, then fine, IPV4 is good enough on a minimal level. But for me, I care about my network connectivity, esp when using IPV6, I love that IPV6 is encrypted at the IP level, making them more secure than IPV4, which still is plaqued at sniffling and application layer exploits.

    At the moment, the internet is needing of updating, twitch is still not updated to IPV6, a stronger, faster, and better connection.

    NOT TO MENTION, Your 1.7 million broadcasters will be loads better, since IPV6 PEERING helps all of your streamers streaming better quality.
    Please do this!

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