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    OTBv2 commented  · 

    I like this idea a lot, but I don't think there should be a limit to how many "supermods" a channel can have. Streamers have different communities and requirements so I think the streamer should be able to determine how many mods with a higher level of access are needed.

    I also think the idea should be expanded downward. For example;

    Gold sword - Supermoderator: All the current mod functions + channel access to all sub emotes + the ability to delete/warn/timeout/ban mods + add/remove VIPs and Mods + alter Mod access level

    Green sword - Moderator: All the current mod functions

    White sword - Support Moderator: Only functions are deleting messages, timeouts and banning/unbanning users.

    The concept behind this is giving higher levels of access to your most trusted mod(s) and restricting access to functions that can alter a stream if used improperly for mods who are new or users who aren't fully trusted. There are also people who wouldn't mind helping keep chat clean but don't want to be involved with anything else, so having different mod icons would let the streamer know exactly what level of moderation is available to them in chat at a glance.

    One could argue that any mods misbehaving should be removed as moderators, but it's not that simple. Some may not realize they're saying or doing something incorrectly at the time and as it stands currently the only way to address it is for the streamer to stop what they're doing to address it themselves. A streamer at their PC might have an easier time with this, but a streamer at a special event or IRL is far less likely to be available to do so. Having one level above the current moderator role would let the supermod take corrective action on behalf of the streamer.

    OTBv2 supported this idea  ·