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    Tac_Kilala commented  · 

    A streamer got banned for showing a fan animation of a part of their stream that briefly featured a girl character covered in ***** with nothing showing but it was enough to “cross the line” for TOS.

    This is upsetting, because any other time a character could be covered in tomato sauce or something less ridiculous from head to toe and THAT would fly under the radar.

    I understand Twitch tried to take a risk and rolled it back because too many people took advantage of this in their streams to show off their body as much as possible, but this severely made Twitch an enemy of Art and artists alike unjustly.

    Twitch I understand you have a fulfillment to your advertisers about keeping your platform clean, but even YouTube has a more relaxed guideline about art than this. What’s the point of advising viewers of their discretion before watching a stream then? I the viewer understand the risks of choosing to watch the streamer and a little bit of cussing or the “female” form isn’t offensive to me.

    Please relax the rule for artists, they don’t deserve to be lumped together with people who intended their streams to be sexualized. An artist can’t even start to form a sketch without Twitch pointing and screaming that it’s nudity.

    And if Twitch intends to make more guidelines on the fly, PLEASE make it clear with their users and partners through the available channels directly instead of just sneaking it in without notice.