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    galtiaa commented  · 

    Do not allow nudity and start to remove all these censor bars and ridiculousness that has now infested every part of Twitch. We all know that a huge segment of this platform's viewers are children. We also universally know that *********** or almost *********** are not good for children or even adults at times. People literally have *********** additions, just like gambling. This is something children should not be exposed to and it's getting pretty gross that we as a Twitch community like to push the line to as close to **** as we can get.

    Artistic nudity is fine in the right medium, this is not the right medium at all because of how many children access this platform. Children don't need to be exposed to that. Especially since we don't know what their life situation is.

    Sure we can take the argument of "well where are the parents", as I just said. We don't know what their life situation is, what if their parents are absent in their life, what if their parents are hurting them in some way... The list goes on. We as a community and a society have a duty to protect all children from things that could be harmful to them. Such as *********** or potentially even nudity. What if that is a trigger to a child that has been harmed? They accidentally click on a link because they don't understand what they are accessing? Twitch should be a welcoming place for expression, but expression that could potentially harm a child has no place.

    It is really unfortunate because this is now driving me away from this platform, a platform I genuinely enjoy. I am starting to wish there was a better alternative though that didn't allow this repulsive form of behavior.

    To the original posters argument of games already showing nudity, that should not be allowed to be shown on Twitch either. We should be forcing streamers to blur that content. We should not under any circumstances allow content that could potentially harm or corrupt the mind of a child.

    We as a society owe this to them. As they get older and their brain is more developed, how they get exposed to nudity can become their choice or even the schools responsibility, where their exposure is in a controlled educational manner. Not in some Twitch channel where people can DM each other, make sexual remarks, etc. That just opens up a whole can of worms that can lead to some very dangerous behavior. Behavior that I want no place being a part of or seeing....

    Update: I will also add that putting "Mature content" notifications where you click or any of those other "protection" mechanisms is not enough. Over a decade ago when I was 14 I made my first Ebay account and actually started selling things on Ebay. As crazy as that sounds. I was actually making money doing it though. Obviously that is not allowed even to this day on Ebay for a variety of reasons. Suffice to say, clearly their "child protection" mechanisms did nothing to stop me at the time though.