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    Gathering Interest  ·  Ana responded

    Hi, thanks for your feedback!

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    CuratorKay commented  · 

    I've come back to talk about this in more detail: I really think a huge part of the community interaction is the channel points and so much fun is had with the predictions. Multiple members of the community are now refusing to engage because one "rogue mod" who likes to mess with them is now possibly going to ruin the fun.

    I don't think that adding logs of predictions would be at all intrusive, it could be filtered out in the mod actions log, or shown in the prediction summary menu. More info to know who is doing what when it comes to important parts of the stream would make things easier for everyone and I'm certain this has to have come up with multiple streamers.

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    CuratorKay commented  · 

    We've had numerous instances of multiple predictions being ruined by a moderator incorrectly resolving recent predictions, and as it's impossible to tell which moderator is deliberately messing with predictions, we're struggling to use it correctly. If possible, please add a log to the predictions menu of who resolved the last predictions

    CuratorKay supported this idea  ·