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    OrochiTabris commented  · 

    I recently ran into this limit. I was surprised it existed, though I was equally surprised that I had actually followed that many users. I think when vtubers became more of a thing I got a bit more aggressive with that.

    I found a website that provided a sortable list of my follows, and I've been trying to figure out who to unfollow. Some have stopped streaming and a few have been banned, so that helps with the decision (though I can't unfollow the banned users, the profile page doesn't load). It's difficult to free up much space though. If a user hasn't been inactive for too long, I'd rather keep them in case they resume streaming.

    I wonder if there's a technical reason for this. I've seen claims that YouTube has no limit, though I've also read that it has a limit but it increases based on account age and other factors. That's something Twitch could maybe consider, at the very least give older accounts some extra space. Those'll be more likely to hit the limit than the younger accounts.

    I could see something like this being a strain on servers, maybe, but it was back in 2013 that they raised the limit from 100 (which was apparently a rushed change that was more limiting than intended) to 2000, with the promise of "room for even more growth in the future."

    Well it's been almost a decade. Maybe it's time for some growth? Could roll it out incrementally. A few hundred more slots, or maybe even 1000, then wait a month or two and see if the system can handle it. Or, as mentioned above, try age-based limit increases. Could become a problem in the future, but worse-case scenario is the 2000 limit gets reinforced and users who are over it are unable to add more.

    A bigger problem than follows might be notifications. Automatically turning them on after following might not be the best default, and maybe those should be capped instead of follows. That seems like it'd have a bigger impact on the service than passively tracking who we follow.

    OrochiTabris supported this idea  ·