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    panicstompstomp commented  · 

    So, im gonna be honest, i feel like recently the ASMR section as become more of a pornsim section, im misophone, which means im grossed out by mouth noise, and i can appreciate a **** woman, but id like to be honest with you : both combine is a no.
    We ALL know that woman are doing "ear lick" ASMR shows in **** attire just for views and money, when most of the time is ***** almost out with just a little panty and garter belt for some, is not acceptable, some are litterally doing ******** to their microphone, with eye movement and noise, the same used in ****.
    Im sorry but it has to stop.

    Im not an incel or angry about woman or anything people like to call me when i express that point of view.

    I can accept ear lick as an "form" of ASMR (even tho i found the noise gross), and that some woman are not using **** attire just to get view, but im sorry, "ear lick" + **** attire + noise + eye movements, that should not be tolerated.
    And im not talking also about those who were bann for being too **** and created a new account doing the exact same....

    Twitch is not a **** platform, if you want it to become one, please let us know, cause there's a lot of kids out there that watch streams here and should not for a million reasons, be put at the contact of those "asmr ear lick" girls. (you can notice that only woman are doing that, so that's another argument, guys would not do that kind of "**** ****" stuff to get view here)

    panicstompstomp supported this idea  ·