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    21 comments  ·  Channel Points » Feature Request  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    UrbanHangman_ commented  · 

    So many streamers on Twitch have different channel points rewards for different games that they play, some having upwards of 10 for a single game. My proposal is a way to enable them to only need to set up the channel point redemption once and then not touch them again unless they need to make any changes to how they work.

    The idea I came up with is for an extension of the channel points system that allows a streamer when creating a reward to designate one or more Twitch categories. Then when they stream to a category, that matches one of the pre designated ones on a reward, Twitch detects this and shows the relevant channel point rewards and hides the irrelevant ones.

    What if you want the reward to never go away?

    Well my thought was that the "Category" field would be optional. Any channel point redemption that has not been allocated a "Category" will always be shown to the streamer and the viewers of the channel.

    Why do streamers need this?

    Many streamers spend a large portion of time ahead of their streams setting up, turning on and off rewards, and much more before they even click the Go Live button. This system would make a streamer's set up process easier and more hassle free, especially if they had many rewards for one game, by making the process automatic.

    Why hide and show rewards?

    Currently, when you turn a reward on and off the viewers receive a pop up saying "New" channel point reward, even if it has only been turned off. Hiding and showing would hopefully remove this as the reward was never deactivated it just isnt visible to the viewer.

    Would this affect the rewards queue?

    Ideally, it wouldn't affect the rewards queue for streamers. The rewards would not be changed in this interaction as this should only affect how they show to viewers of the stream.

    Possible other features.

    These rewards would possibly be shown in a sub group in the channel points pop out for the viewer to designate them as category specific rewards.

    UrbanHangman_ supported this idea  · 
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    UrbanHangman_ commented  · 

    I came here to request something similar but a little more automated.

    My thought was again based around the idea of streamers having multiple channel point rewards many of them being game specific. I can think of about 5 streamers that have Channel Points enabled constantly for 3 or 4 different games, even games that they are not playing.

    My idea was to have a system where in your creator dashboard you can set a category from Twitch (e.g. Just Chatting, War Thunder, RimWorld) and then when you stream to that category your personalised channel points with the correct category tag are displayed to your viewers and the ones with tags that don't match are hidden from view.

    Additionally this field would be optional and any channel point redemption that left this field blank would be marked as a generic reward and never disabled by this system.

    I am not a programmer and do not know how easy or hard this would be to implement and i can imagine there would be a lot of work and back end coding that is required and that this might not even be possible but at the end of the day this could be a really cool feature for you to implement one day in the future.