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    73 comments  ·  Safety » Community Guidelines  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    darkinos commented  · 

    Youtube: "The New & Improved HOT TUB Section! Asmongold Reacts to Twitch's New Category"
    Quite "decent" sum up of their "new" standing for this...
    Most of it is just dumb excuses...
    And some are literally lies..
    I see behind it only "We are scared to ban women, because feminism is too strong lately, we do not want Karens yelling at us."
    And yeah "Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches" category.. that is just .. "soft erotics" in short way..

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    darkinos commented  · 

    To just respond to "BIG_FAT_MIKE"'s comment.. "To show of their more than half naked bodies"
    I believe in medicine there are "%" used for body parts to define "How much burned you are" Like "hand 9% each, head + neck 18% etc.
    When you see these "Hot tub streamers".. how much do they hide?
    Nipples (some covers a bit more around breasts.. depends on the bikini they are using atm.) + small area of the bottom region.
    So .. 5%? 10% of the body is covered? Maybe?
    How far do you need to go to get to "nude" category so Twitch actually starts doing something? Next part is literally "nude" / "****" category..

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    darkinos commented  · 

    I just do not understand how can I get into "Suggested" channels "Hot tub" female streamers all the time..
    They do not belong to Twitch.. they do not provide any gaming or even "Just chatting" content.
    They belong to "soft erotic" pages... when I want to watch nice girls I go to different pages, I do not want to see them on Twitch.
    The fact that Twitch itself tolerates them, but bans people for getting someone annoying use "n" word or something that on "talked donation" is just bucked up.
    When you can not block them (you could.. but you get money thanks to them so yeah.. money grubbing is ok nowaday if it is not against blm or lgbt or whatever), let us filter them...
    I reported - ignored several of them.. and every time I log into Twitch.. I get new ones.
    They do not belong to "just chatting", writing "subs" or "donators" names on their t*ts is not chatting, create their own category.. "stealing from ***** guys" or something..

    darkinos supported this idea  ·