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    2 comments  ·  DMCA  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    kingbullet commented  · 

    Facebook Gaming made it so that it is possible for all creators to use all music in their broadcasts without worry of any sort of DMCA backlash. Facebook, being one of the biggest social media sites, and now acquiring Oculus, is still significantly smaller than Twitch/Amazon. If they are able to get something worked out to make it so that DMCA isn't a worry anymore, then I imagine Twitch/Amazon can as well.

    Points to bring up:

    - As long as the music is not the main source of the content, and is just heard in the background, then it is helping to promote the song, and in return, the studio producing the song.
    - If music is the main focus of the stream, (example being Beat Saber, Guitar Hero, etc.) then the VoD is automatically muted, and clips automatically removed if there is DMCA protected music in them.
    - If there is a DMCA strike given for whatever reason, allow for the strikes to be discussed, and allow us, as the content creators, a means to explain the point of the music. If no common ground can be made, an automatic removal of the clip/VoD should be done, and a strike lasting 30 days given.
    - If a strike is to be given, allow for the content creator to discuss with the DMCA people to appeal and remove the strike before 30 days.
    - At 3 strikes, the channel is suspended for 7 days. At 5 strikes (or second time hitting 3 strikes in a single fiscal year), a 30 day suspension. At 7 strikes (or third time hitting 3 strikes in a single fiscal year), a ban on the channel entirely.

    kingbullet supported this idea  ·