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    CasketSnatch commented  · 

    I would take this further than that. Why is it that in order to stream at the same quality as everyone else, and to make youtube videos from the content I make, I have to invest literally thousands of dollars into products that aside from that one function, have no purpose? Streaming is supposed to be about sharing our experiences in gaming together, live or in a video we make from clips like I do. Yet the video quality can't exceed 1080p, I can't use overlays, I can't do anything other than what the bare minimum is. Yet, the entire twitch community across various social medias says that we as console streamers "aren't doing enough to entertain our viewers and we will never make it off the ground" and that is something I'm beginning to agree with. I have barely reached 100 followers, but yet my partner, who also streams but uses a PC and capture card and camera and all that and spent 8 grand on his set up has 1000 followers, is a twitch affiliate and has a huge array of fans now, even though we started together and stream the exact same times and are never streaming without the other. I however lose out heavily because I don't have a 300 dollar capture card, a 2 thousand dollar pc, and im not using anything other than the app via my xbox one s. Yet our content, and therefore our experiences we are sharing are literally identical.

    Twitch on consoles should be just as good as on pcs, or for people who don't have those abilities. Surely we have the technology to do so.

    Long story short, I imagine a day where I can go into my living room, put on my headset, plug my mic into my xbox, make sure my camera is working, and launch twitch on my xbox. When I hit Start Streaming, I imagine the same high resolution video [since it's a 4k gaming device on a 4k tv] with my own custom overlays I made myself on my laptop, with the notification bars so I can instantly thank my viewers for joining, following donating etc and I imagine being able to have that multithousand dollar experience that people have on PC, for my viewers regardless of what device I'm on. Furthermore I imagine then recording those clips via my xbox, and being able to send those clips to my email, and then being able to compile those clips or streams into videos I can then upload to youtube. This is the age for these innovations. Let's make em happen

    CasketSnatch supported this idea  ·