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    187 comments  ·  Safety » Bots  ·  Admin →
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    Hi, I know that this is a very late response, but we’re hoping to find time to address this issue later this year. There are a few steps we’ll have to take to solve this problem in a way that will work for all streamers, but we understand the severity of the issue.

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    Ch3w0n1t commented  · 

    As a very new streamer on Twitch I get very few viewers - currently peaking at 5 or 6 most streams - but even to me, a mere layman compared to most, I can see that there are a lot of bot's exploding into Twitch channels. I however am not a NOOB when it comes to internet security, I know that these bots are very capable of applying some very nasty and potentially malicious code. The ability of a bot is way beyond most peoples imagination. IP address, browser tracking, banking records, anything and everything you do online is open to abuse from these bot's.

    I ask you how do you propose to protect us from this threat, a very clear and present danger to not only your 'bread winning' streamers/content creators, but also to all of their viewers.


    I want uninvited bot's out of my chat A.S.A.P!


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