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    189 comments  ·  Safety » Bots  ·  Admin →
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    Hi, I know that this is a very late response, but we’re hoping to find time to address this issue later this year. There are a few steps we’ll have to take to solve this problem in a way that will work for all streamers, but we understand the severity of the issue.

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    Anonymous commented  · 


    You guys don’t seem to really understand how these bots work. I run one of these and I’m staying anonymous.

    #1 - Joining IRC channels on a mass scale does not violate ToS nor is against the Developers Agreement. Simply idling in a channel is also not a privacy breach, if you’re not aware, your chat is public and therefore falls under public information. HOWEVER, if we were to talk or spam your chat, then we would, and we would also need broadcaster permission as a bot to join, fortunately we don’t, I personally on mine do actually not use your data, none gets stored, this is simply an experiment and sometimes I test my spam filters on a live message feed or just see how they react and perform on a mass scale, no messages are actually saved, however. I cannot speak for the other bots.

    #2 - We cannot “hack” you from us simply in your chat, we’re no different to a user connected to your chat.

    #3 - We are actually not viewer Notting. To shed some light on this, twitch have two separate counts, they have a charter count and a viewer count, your viewer count is determined by the number of clients actively downloading your video, whereas your chatter count is the number sitting in your chat room.

    #4 - It got gifted a sub? That’s unlucky. Twitch need to fix their algorithm.