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    DanS_24 commented  · 

    Honestly embarrassing from twitch that this continues to be a problem. If you want the platform to grow, you have to build a recommendation algorithm that offers compatible streams viewers want to stick around watch. Currently it feels like the plan is to offer any stream that looks interesting to the viewer, issue a pre-roll and then wait for the viewer to move on to the next streamer delivering additional pre-rolls as viewers bounce round trying to find a stream they want to watch. I'm sure this is profitable activity but is also not a good experience for Turbo users. I'm not sure why Twitch would ever think that an English speaking viewer is EVER going to sit and watch a stream from another language. This never use to be a problem on twitch and its defiantly not a problem on YouTube.

    3 Ways to fix this;

    1. Force all streams to declare a speaking language. This should be as important as the game title and not just a stream "Tag".

    2. Use AI to detect the language being spoken and use that data on the algorithm when calculating recommendations

    3. Use User Interaction data to work out if the stream is in a language that works for them. For example if you can see that 90% of UK and USA viewers are clicking off a stream before 20 seconds but German viewers are sticking around that would be a clear example of a stream to recommend to German Viewers and not English Viewers.

    While you are at it you need to implement a site wide filter to disable all streams from showing in another language (unless the stream has say 50-100+k viewers or some special promoted stream)

    It would be simple to have this as question during setup of a new account, "Please select all languages you would like to watch streams in" and can be asked of all existing accounts when they next visit the site.

    Again I stress, it is ridiculous to allow a viewer to be able to click into a stream that is speaking a language the viewer won't understand, it is even more ludicrous to be recommend said stream in the first place.

    DanS_24 supported this idea  ·