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    Twitch responded

    Hey guys!

    There were some discussions that weren’t super applicable to feedback and I have gone ahead and removed them.

    We super appreciate the feedback and want to keep hearing your ideas. Please just keep it focused on bodypainting/body art community and feedback around that, over feedback on specific channels/users.

    If you have anyone who you are concerned about on Twitch or someone who you are worried about how they are acting on Twitch always feel empowered to report them so our team can further investigate the situation.

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    ijacobhales commented  · 

    I've read your proposed solution and it's very well-written and thought-out. I agree with you that Twitch has an opportunity to lead by example and help to change the rampant culture of sexual harassment and hateful conduct on the platform by showing support for one of its most controversial categories, Body Painting. I think your proposals are well-considered and would help to create a better sense of belonging, safety, security, and health in the category. I'm particularly supportive of the following proposals:

    Providing more defined guidelines for body painting content, including clarification on how long a short break is, what constitutes performing unrelated activities, and how much coverage is required before a stream can start.
    Creating a team of two persons to review reports against body painters and ensure that consistent action is taken.
    Hiring a community manager for the creative category with an emphasis on Body Painting to provide support and guidance to streamers.
    I believe that these proposals would help to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for body painters on Twitch, and would also send a message to the community that Twitch is committed to combating sexual harassment and hateful conduct.

    I urge Twitch to take your proposals seriously and to implement them as soon as possible. Body painters are a valuable part of the Twitch community, and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.