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    OutLawBuster commented  · 

    Dear Twitch Team,

    I wanted to share a suggestion regarding the categorization of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) streams on Twitch.

    Currently, all GTA content, including GTA V, GTA Online, and GTA RP, is bundled under a single category - 'GTA V.' While this has its merits, it can be limiting for both streamers and viewers who prefer specific types of GTA content.

    I propose the implementation of three separate categories: 'GTA V,' 'GTA Online,' and 'GTA RP.' This segmentation would greatly enhance the user experience on Twitch.

    Here's why it's beneficial:

    Clarity: Viewers can easily find the type of GTA content they're interested in without sifting through unrelated streams.

    Support for Diverse Creators: It allows streamers to reach their intended audience more effectively, whether they focus on story mode, online gameplay, or role-playing.

    Enhanced Engagement: Communities can form around each category, fostering more targeted discussions and interactions.

    I believe this change would not only streamline the GTA streaming experience on Twitch but also benefit both creators and viewers alike.