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    p0izonnn commented  · 

    Twitch, your new Branded Content Guidelines will harm everyone involved. Creators, Viewers, Sponsors, and even you!! How so? Well:

    How it affects Creators: Many Creators stream for a LIVING. As in, they rely on streaming as their main source of income. That does include Subscriptions and Bits, yes, but their main source of cash from streaming is Sponsorships. Limiting what can be shown on streams so much will cause so many Sponsors to back out from supporting Creators.

    How it affects Viewers: Many people when they watch streams, often time likes to indulge in the sponsors that Creators have, whether it be because they are interested in the product, or if they want to support the Creator and what they do. Restricting it so much will make it difficult for viewers to support Creators in that way.

    How it affects Sponsors: Many companies rely on advertisement for exposure and for people to buy their products. With how big Twitch is and how active it is, heavily restricting what can be shown in streams will make companies have an extremely difficult time to get their products seen, and will return make them lose a lot of money.

    How it affects Twitch: Limiting Branded Content as much as you plan to will as mentioned before, make creators lose a LOT of money, and will inevitably force them to either move to other streaming platforms, or will quit streaming entirely and move to different occupations. More of the creators that move or quit, the less people will go on Twitch, and will eventually turn Twitch into a dead wasteland. ESPECIALLY if the biggest creators (Ex. Pokimane, xQc, etc.) quit or move to other platforms. If they're gone, barely anyone would go on Twitch, if at all.

    In conclusion, PLEASE rethink the Branded Content Guidelines. Be more inclusive. BE BETTER.

    p0izonnn supported this idea  ·