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    Comments Closed  ·  dowski responded

    Hey all,

    Because of the nature of the comments we will be closing comments on this thread at this time. Voting and showing support for this idea will still be available while comments are closed. Thank you for your understanding on this.

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    parsian119 commented  · 

    I got to criticize this movement as there is really no point at all. If your goal was to prevent JK from getting millions of money from Royalties, News Flash, she has already made it with her Books, Universal Studios Harry Potter Theme Park, Movies, Merch, and Copyright years before she came out anti-trans. Tearing down and forcing people to not be able to stream/play Hogwarts Legacy will have no impact on JK at all. At this point attacking the game is attacking Avalanche Studios and the Employees who have worked so hard to make a game and people who have no affiliation to JK but are fans of Harry Potter's Universe. Removing ads will not affect Hogwarts Legacy at all. Ads only affect people who stream whether they are small or big creators. It has no relation to the immediate revenue of Hogwarts Legacy. Why should people be punished for playing a game that no one has tried yet? There have been many authors throughout history like HP Lovecraft, Tolkien, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, and Dr. Seuss who have been caught for racism years after their deaths, but you have to separate the art from the person. Yet, they are still highly acclaimed for the work they have done. No one is perfect and no one will agree with every person's worldview. If you really feel like this is a real issue for you, go boycott the game and do something about the issue yourself rather than cry on the internet for points. Go spend 60-70 dollars on donations to a Non-Profit Organization that helps the Trans Community but don't think that forcing every person to block ads will do anything.