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    Comments Closed  ·  dowski responded

    Hey all,

    Because of the nature of the comments we will be closing comments on this thread at this time. Voting and showing support for this idea will still be available while comments are closed. Thank you for your understanding on this.

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    anon2019 commented  · 

    Ugh, someone has to say this... You're fighting a losing battle and a battle in which SHOULD be fought against the governments trying to de-transition trans men and women. Laws that would convict teachers or parents for helping children discover themselves, laws that would see Trans men and woman be put in prison for 'exposing children to this harmful behavior' with 5yrs max and 25K in fines.

    Why are we focusing on a video game so harshly when our battle needs to be at the damned politicians trying to attack the Trans community? What about the Drag shows being invaded by hostile masked people? What about that huh? Why are we trying to punish developers who started work on this game back in 2017; BEFORE JK Rowling said anything. Don't the Developers deserve to feed their families? Pay their bills?

    How would you feel if people went after your job like this? Risked your livelihood over what one woman said? You think JK cares if she doesn't get paid for a little game? She makes 50-100 million from other games, books, movies, toys, candy, drinks; anything with Harry Potter on it and she makes money. This game is like 0.0025% of her income so what does she care? But this is like 70-80% of the developers' income. So who's taking the larger hit?

    Point your guns at the right targets next time. Do better.