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    Twitch responded

    Hey guys!

    There were some discussions that weren’t super applicable to feedback and I have gone ahead and removed them.

    We super appreciate the feedback and want to keep hearing your ideas. Please just keep it focused on bodypainting/body art community and feedback around that, over feedback on specific channels/users.

    If you have anyone who you are concerned about on Twitch or someone who you are worried about how they are acting on Twitch always feel empowered to report them so our team can further investigate the situation.

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    jakrollinz commented  · 

    Hello so I normally dont post or say anything but for the past year I seen off and on, certain "viewers/user" target young streamers awhile as adults. by making fake donations, whispering asking for different socials medias. not only is this happing in the beauty and body art category. but all around twitch. I reached out to you several tikes in the past year to complain twitch always said to report the users so i do. the question is what is getting done about this, I been reporting certain users everyday for the past moth and they are targeting underage users. they are still there. and note im note just reporting them because I want to I report them because the things they say to streamers, and or ask streamers to do. maybe hears an idea dont allow whispers for underage users or better yet ban the guys who are ruining twitch. please looking into your reports on your viewers. something needs to be done about this. thanks you