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    JustCallMeSlake commented  · 

    This. My account has been follow-botted non-stop for the last month, and it doesn't look like it's stopping. This has resulted in not being able to use follow alerts - the bots follow fast and hard when whoever is doing it takes manual control, and there also seems to be an automated process constantly driving them at my channel. I have Sery_bot activated now to remove them once they have followed, but they still trigger the alerts, and it isn't a pleasant experience for either me or the viewer. One issue with using a phone number is that the same number can be assigned to a different account. If something like Sery_bot could be introduced as a breaker before the request gets actioned by the account, that would be great. For example, at the moment it's - follow request, account accepts request, alert gets triggered, Sery-bot evaluates and removes the follow if deemed to be a followbot. This makes spam. If Twitch could integrate something like - follow request, Sery-bot evaluates and removes the follow if deemed to be a followbot, account accepts request that makes it through the Sery_boy filter, Alert gets triggered. No spam. I know Twitch doesn't make Sery_bot, but somebody could contact the creator for assistance (if needed) with making an automatic feature that performs this task. It might not be 100% protection, but it would be way better than the current level of no protection, and reduce spam. I spent hours removing over 2000 followers, and was only able to report 15 of the bots before further bot reports generated an "internal error" (I was quite willing to one-by-one submit a report for each bot). I suspect that my account is also being monitored for attack, and triggered, by the lurkers I get in my channel when I am offline also. Getting rid of these accounts permanently would be good too.