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    DatCatslave commented  · 

    you would expect a billion dollar company to actually test sh*t before pushing it. For more then 1 week now i cannot chat on any channel, using any device or browser. Supposedly it's "verified accounts only" and i am being forced to verify via Phone number...which is utterly hillarious since my account says "thanks for verifying by mail" for a few years now. Pretty much every streamer i talked to about this is scratching his/her head.

    The whole idea sounds great on paper, but that's it. I can make any number of Mailadresses for free to verify whatever amount of accounts i want, i can create any number of (fake) phone numbers for free to verify, if i so want. Verifying my account does nothing except giving Twitch a mailadress or Phone number to harass whenever they feel like.
    Add in that verifying your account doesn't make people smarter or more civilized.

    What Twitch achieved so far with this is: hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of often paying customers are incapable of using the chat feature because an obviously untested alpha patch was forced on them without any info, warning or option to opt out.
    I'm still waiting for any public announcement about this or any form of reply or info (except for the automatic "thanks for opening a ticket") concerning the ticket I opened more then a week ago.

    Never touch a running system .... if you lack the ability to make working changes, then don't make changes at all.