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    58 comments  ·  Chat » Bugs  ·  Admin →
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    escapepods commented  · 

    This isn't a router or ISP issue. This happens to me on nearly every channel I visit, regardless of the Internet connection or browser used. For me, this has been a thing for over a year now. I've done exhaustive troubleshooting to try and fix the issue.

    I've used different browsers, no extensions, different routers, different ISP providers, different machines, phone and computer, and nothing changes the issue. I formatted and reinstalled both Windows 10 and macOS on two different machines and went to a friend's house to use their internet. The issue persisted.

    I ditched my old ISP and got a new one, issue still persists. I bought a new modem/router, no change.

    This happens even when I'm not chatting. I'll just be sitting in my own channel chat, not streaming, just to see what happens and I'll come back to endless "Welcome to the Chat Room!" messages.

    In the meantime, I can use Chatterino. I have no issues there and can chat seamlessly without interruption or just lurk and chill without disconnect issues. The overall Twitch experience over the past few years have been really difficult to vibe with. It's sad and depressing, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time here making friends and building communities.

    Please look into this and find the solution. It would improve quality of life for many people. The blanket "it's your ISP" and "you were spamming" responses saying nothing more than "we're not listening" and "we don't care."

    escapepods supported this idea  ·