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    KeyKingKraus commented  · 

    In the secret stream only certain people can watch it, similar to what you do with sub only, but in this case you can choose several options. Example:

    Time limited link, where if you click that link in less than x time after the posting you can watch,
    Invite, personal unique invite link,
    Multi use Invite link.

    And most importantly:
    Game Partners.
    Interested gaming companies can use some method (apk maybe?) to do ingame verification, and allow people that pass that verification to access the stream, the use for this one is immense since now, for example, for someone that has a clan that is going to war with another clan, they can't stream due to possible spies but now you can if you setup your stream to only be able to be seen from people that are your allies it is now a more "secure" stream, that is only one of the possibilities.

    And now you throw them on the front page for a month, if the Secret Stream meets some criteria, (using ingame verification, and can be joined by large number of people) and it will now allow many people that not only would not normally stream in those circumstances, but also people that dont watch streams, since this method can be easily used to coordinate large numbers of people, and give them a visual aid, unlike discord that would only have voice and ten people maximum streams.

    Thanks for reading it all.
    If twitch doesn't want to do it I might. xD

    Hire Me.
    I am the marketing and administration guy. o7

    Willhem Kraus,
    CEO Blasphem,
    Game Dev.

    KeyKingKraus supported this idea  ·