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    How important is this to you?

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    Gammelstulle commented  · 

    Dear twitch Team,

    please take this Idea to note! It getting realy anoying.
    I can understand too that ad's are important for Twich itself and also for the creator. But the fact that a potential viewer are punished with an ad block when they want to look for a new channel, is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. For example, if I want to know if I like the music on a DJ stream, I take a quick look on it. For 5-10 sec. If I like what I see, I stay, leave a follow, possibly a SUB. If not, I skip and look elsewhere or go to a known stream.
    But if instead of the 10 seconds I want to peek into a stream, I am first punished with 1-4 advertising blocks, without knowing whether I like the stream at all, the probability is high that I won't even look longer into the unknown stream I wanted to visit.
    Or even not longer want to invest time to look for new streams I could like.

    That's a problem even with streams you already know. You don't always like everything a known streamer (that you already followed) shows. Therefore, it would always be good to have a brief insight into what is on offer.
    Like now you kind of obstructed streamers the chance that someone who is already following someone might fall in love with the stream dn leave a SUB there, because at the time he wanted to visit the stream again, twich annoy him with advertising isntead. so the chance is high that some people will switched back to a sub. stream isntead.

    Many like me will fall back than on streamers they already know or sub. instead of waiting up to 3 minutes of advertising for an stream where we don't realy know exactly what conntent we will get.

    So this ad behaviour harms the growth of streamers, especially new ones!

    Please reconsider this approach.
    Right now you are creating an unnecessary obstruction.
    There is nothing wrong with playing an advertisement, but please after we had a taste of the stream / a new streamer for about 10 seconds