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    nuckchorrisxx commented  · 

    it would be nice too if i did not get recommendations from streamer that i REALLY HATE SO MUCH!!!!!! "Amouranth" i got her banned....i search the game "project zomboid" and in "other also searched topic" i se ALWAYS THIS ********!!!!! thats so emberassing...ehy would i BAN somebody just to get it recommended all the time....that even WORSE than recommendations that YOU are banned in.


    its getting even worse!! i ban the purpose of banning channels .... IF ... TWITCH.....KEEPS...ME....RECOMMENDING....THOSE BANNED CHANNELS!!! the ******* HIGHLIGHT´s right at the top of the screen so I HAVE TO LOOK AT THOS STUPID ******** AND ******* EVERY ******* TIME I OPEN TWITCH??? thats so annoying really annoying headache annoying!!!...its even tho the WHOLE highlight recommmendation IS BANNED BY ME!!! WHAT??? twitch??? WHAT??? i mean what the bloody **** is this ****??? HOW DARE YOU KEEP RECOMEND ME ......******* BANNED channels...i dont get it...are those highlights exclusivly for banned channels or whats the matter??? i mean ....i ******* ban those channels for a reason...why keep recommending me those channels?? whats the DEEP SECRET here???? I DONT ******* GET IT??? I REALLY DONT!!! now...this will be a text with LOTS of stars!! and i dont care because YOU DONT CARE!! ******* IDIOTS the people programming this ******** recommandations

    PLEASE explain! PLEASE explain! PLEASE explain! PLEASE explain!

    January 27th 2022 i startet this...NOW its October 25th 2022!!
    F U C K your recommendations...thats just s t u p i d!! no changes WHATSOEVER...i believe your so called "supporter team" dont even read this... thats so sad! so sad! really sad! that i have to put my money into youtube and leave Twitch!