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    0dius commented  · 

    It's such an obvious cash grab and feels like it was created only to springboard individuals with deep pockets or huge communities. This does not benefit any of the communities that aren't being represented already.
    Let's not mince words here though, this is gambling. As Trance1 mentioned this does not guarantee an increase in anything to the channel. Viewers altruism/desire to support a streamer are being utilized with terrible terrible Vegas odds that anything is actually going to come out it. It would be a better use of money to throw at their Ko-fi than spend that money through the twitch platform.

    And a word for Twitch in particular:
    But hey if the viewers are going to be idiots and burn their money who are you (Twitch) to stop them? You're (Twitch) just offering the service, people don't *have* to spend money on it right? So *obviously* you (Twitch) can't be considered to be taking advantage of people by obfuscating the odds that this new "service" will benefit a channel. **** I'm sure we'll see personal accounts starting to surface about how front page have benefited streamers. As we know personal accounts are 100% more trustworthy than hard data. I mean look at all the millionaires pouring out of casinos on a regular basis.

    0dius supported this idea  ·