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    14 comments  ·  Safety » Bots  ·  Admin →
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    Noctis457 supported this idea  · 
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    Noctis457 commented  · 

    This needs greater attention. I just ran a stream tonight and was assaulted by 25 follows from different variations of the hoss00312_ bots. This is incredibly disrupting for those of us that have follow alerts on screen and/or in action logs. As well as that, the follows mean the bots are able to find you easily again for future attacks should the people behind it wish.
    Something needs to be done even if Twitch won't.

    The solutions given above are very good ones, but sadly, we've seen how relaxed Twitch is on reacting to problems like this, which is why many of these ideas may not even see daylight for months to come.

    So here's another suggestion, there are numerous examples of specially made and approved bots that are created, managed and maintained by numerous streamers or people that support them for use in stream chat.

    Twitch should allow the use of these bot types, with VERY careful moderation to avoid soliciting the creation of further hate bots, that could counter bots like these hoss bots and similar.
    An example of how it could counter these types of bots would be to use a filter system that would outright block anything with a certain keyphrase in its name from even connecting to the streamer, nevermind following or chatting, in the same way as a regular block should work.
    I've seen firsthand how the person behind these bots seems to be adapting their methods as well, first avoiding moderation by declaring the bots in the streamer's viewer list as already suspended accounts, then, in just the last week, they changed to hiding from the viewer list at all, completely evading moderation with both methods.
    And IP bans evidently don't work and it's not difficult to see how they don't, after all, so many of us use VPNs these days. So allowing IP bans as a moderator action wouldn't affect them.
    Twitch needs to come up with a solution to it themselves or let streamers and fans come up with solutions themselves, either way, something must be done and if there is any effort happening to counter these attacks, I'm open to helping anyway I can as I'm sure many of us would be, because it affects all of us and we're all getting tired of both the attacks and Twitch's silence on the matter.

    Sorry, I ranted. TL;DR, let streamers and fans come up with solutions that will work with the right support from the Twitch API.

    Edit: I was right and wrong, Twitch has reportedly sued two users involved in these hate raid bots, but on top of that, there already is an existing bot called commanderroot which has the power to remove followers and add known bots, over 438,000 of them, to your block list, which is a perfect example of what I was ranting about. So it can effectively cancel out these attacks in one fell swoop.

    Yes, Twitch is doing something. No, it won't stop this for good. We still need more permanent fixes like this commanderroot bot.