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    SpaceCoyote commented  · 

    I know I'm in the minority here, but have you guys considered a different option for "Affiliate" that does not have the money go to the broadcaster directly?

    I stream for fun, and for that reason along with other tax implication concerns, I don't want to get paid by Twitch at the moment. I was notified that I qualified for the Affiliate program but was hesitant after seeing everything I needed to fill out. I know there are other streamers like myself who continue to broadcast without getting paid, and I think it's great. The benefits of being a Partner / Affiliate are also great (Emotes and Channel Points being the biggest ones) but these are not available unless you start accepting money. So, what about a different type of option for people like us? Here are a few ideas I had for your consideration:

    1. Have a payout option to go directly to charity. This can be done with Twitch as the donor (I don't care about taking credit or the tax write-offs at all, Twitch can have that). This would be the ideal option in my opinion.
    2. Have the "Subscribe" button for $0, with an option to disable Bit Donations completely.
    3. Have Twitch take 100% of the proceeds from any subscriptions and bits, signing a waiver if necessary. This one is a last resort to be honest, but at least it's an option.

    If these options don't work with the current "Affiliate" definition, then why not create another category entirely for people like me. Call the program and its broadcasters "Torch Bearers" (or whatever you want, I just made that up). I think allowing a broadcaster to have emotes and channel points can help their channel grow a lot and provide great entertainment without having everything be monetized. Maybe the "Subscription" button can act differently for this group, kind of like how YouTube does it. You could still have requirements for this category similar to Affiliate to make it worth your while to setup (so not every channel can just hop right in), and you could also extrapolate on this with other ideas as well ... this is just an idea to hopefully start a discussion.

    I think it's a great idea with no drawbacks other than Twitch setting up the infrastructure for the program. You could also upgrade / switch to Affiliate at some point if you'd like. Just something to consider. Feel free to comment and add to the suggestion. I didn't think about this for too long; just throwing it out there. I'm sure other people have good ideas as well.

    SpaceCoyote supported this idea  ·