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    robin_hutton commented  · 

    I feel like this is a lost opportunity for Amazon/Twitch to increase streaming Twitch among Roku users. If Roku is such a big competitor of the Firestick why are we able to stream Amazon Prime? Why are we able to buy Roku devices on Amazon with a Amazon Prime membership?

    Keeping products from competing streaming devices like Roku may seem like a good idea until you realize that in doing so you frustrate an entire chunk of your clientele that uses said device.

    Prime Video has over 800k ratings on the Roku. That’s only the people that decided to leave a rating. The group of people that crossover between Roku and Amazon make up a sizable demographic.

    Of this demographic 17,465 Roku users rated the Twitch app when it was still offered (Nov. 2, 2017). I’m willing to bet the number of people using twitch and Roku has increased since then.

    I know that Amazon is a big company, but do they really want to inconvenience over 17,000 people in hopes that some of them drop everything and buy a fire stick?

    I know I’m not buying a fire stick for a reason like that. Why should the little guys pay for a new hunk of plastic to stream with when they already have one that works perfectly fine? Amazon is a 300 billion dollar corporation (Twitch is 5 billion) that has the capability of streaming its app on multiple platforms. It was already on Roku and they took it off.

    I speculate that they can get away with removing Twitch because it’s not as big of a platform as Prime, but it’s growing.

    In March of 2020, the term “does roku have twitch” reached its absolute search volume on Google dating back 5 years. Imagine how many more eyeballs would have been watching Twitch on a Roku device at the start of the pandemic.

    Just in April of this year (2021), google searches hit 71% of the peak search volume of this specific phrase. This doesn’t take into account repeat searches or different phrases that were searched of a similar nature.

    The fact of the matter is that Roku users continue to want to stream Twitch on their Roku device. I love Twitch and I use it regularly throughout my week, but I know that I would use it even more if it was accessible to my Roku.

    robin_hutton supported this idea  ·