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    Relevant Update  ·  Ana responded

    We recently announced the upcoming launch of the Twitch Discovery Feed: a scrollable feed in the Twitch app that shows users a personalized mix of Clips. 

    Before that launch happens, we’ll be running experiments with limited versions of the Discovery Feed to help test and improve our algorithms plus the overall experience. These early experiments do not reflect the final design or experience of the Discovery Feed. 

    We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve this experience as we build towards the bigger launch. Feedback can be left via - thank you!

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    Boar2Thor commented  · 

    As we all know, Twitch Discoverability is terrible, and communicating with out fans is also almost non-existent outside of streaming.

    TikTok took the world by storm, and applications like Instagram have gained massive traction using the same concept.

    It would be great to have a "Twitch Discover Page," where streamers could post 15-30 second videos in the same upright style as these apps.
    It would be amazing to be able to select a game/category, and be able to scroll an endless amount of these videos.

    Not only would it add an extra ounce of discoverability, but it would also add ANOTHER reason for gamers to come/return to Twitch. To see GAME RELATED "TikTok content."

    A new app Hover has been developed and is growing fast.
    The opportunity is NOW to end the apps progress and create something inbuilt.
    It is so frustrating (and the very reason so many people are leaving Twitch) that you have to use 10 different apps to do anything here.

    Boar2Thor supported this idea  ·