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    187 comments  ·  Safety » Bots  ·  Admin →
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    Hi, I know that this is a very late response, but we’re hoping to find time to address this issue later this year. There are a few steps we’ll have to take to solve this problem in a way that will work for all streamers, but we understand the severity of the issue.

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    Blackwolfster commented  · 

    Twitch bans are basically a IRC shun command. There is no kick command and they can rejoin a banned channel, (something you can't do when banned and kicked from a IRC channel). But nothing stops seeing chat when not logged in either on the web page. So in theory anyone can scrape that chat text.

    Anything you type in chat should be considered readable by anyone and possibly logged and used later on for analysis. Including VODs that have the chat feature when played back.

    I have poked opentwitchbot and opentwitchbot2 accounts and looked at various accounts that were used for following bots. And seen them in action as well as flood bots. It is very annoying to deal with them during a stream.

    I have advanced linux and computer experience and with IRC and bots and trolls, for well over 2 decades. I can make my own protection bot and ban them but they can still follow and host and log.

    I would love to see a specal account setting for legit bots and some process to tie them to the devaloper, admins, moderators of that bot.

    I would also like to see a way that email verification is checked more than once after x amount of following other streamers accounts.

    I would also like to see some way to ip ban probomatic proxies and users static ip addresses for those that keep making new accounts and using disposable email accounts. For the pourpose of preventing spamming, flooding, and following attacks.

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