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    IanBoy141 commented  · 

    Not a big fan of this idea, because of this reason: Other communities that also primarily consist of fanmade edits of the game don't have that fangame prefix added to it. You don't see Super Mario World/Super Mario 64 + Kaizo Hacks or Minecraft + Modded. It's also like this on YouTube, where you can click on the IWBTG directory and it links you to various things of that game like fangames, speedruns, glitches, etc. It feels weird that the IWBTG directory needs to have this exception if you consider that other directories don't do this.

    I can agree with removing certain games off Twitch, but Boshy might be a bit controversial for some. Out of that list I think Boshy plays the most different due to the different engine and it would suck if VODs or clips get removed for that game, unless Twitch can manage to have past VODs/clips to be moved on to the IWBTG directory.

    Lastly, would there need to be a directory image change? Right now it just says I Wanna Be The Guy but would there need to be a "+ Fangames" added to make it more clear considering desktop Twitch cuts off the name unless you hover over it if the name's too long. You can take this as an idea if it gets mass support but in the end I wouldn't really mind the change.

    Like I said before, I find this change to be rather weird where I'm half okay with it but the other half I'm not. If the idea does get through then I can feel happy for the community being happy with the change but it'll probably be a very small viewer boost in the long run.