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    Hi all! We really appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and passion surrounding this topic. Reading through the comments, we wanted to clarify one point that may have caused confusion:

    The purpose of this experiment with new directories is intended to better highlight broad groupings of content by bringing them together in directories where they wouldn’t be in direct competition with each other, increasing their exposure. In this way, creative content stands to have better exposure by being separated from gaming, etc. We will know better once the experiment concludes and we’re able to review the data in full.

    That being said, through your feedback, we also recognize that the broad naming of the category as “IRL” doesn’t acknowledge that Creative and IRL content are distinct. We will be evaluating the results of the experiment to determine how we can continue to best support communities’ growth, while ensuring we are…

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    apathyandagony commented  · 

    I want you to imagine if google removed every search result that used the term art and said "If you want to find artistic content then just search this super broad term instead that doesn't actually have anything to do with art." That would be insane right? No one would ever find what they are looking for right?

    So tell me how this is any different? If the search engine you are using doesn't show you content related to the search terms you are using then that search engine is broken. If someone types "art" into the twitch search bar it should show them people streaming artistic things. If someone searches "Gaming" they should find gaming streams. If someone searches for something using the most appropriate terms for that thing then they should find that thing... what you are doing makes no sense and it is going to make art streamers impossible to find so people will just stop searching for them cuz they cant find them.

    One more exsample for you.... imagine if you went to the library and couldn't find Lord Of The Rings... infact it seems all the nonfiction is missing all together... what the heck is going on? You wonder.
    So you ask the person at the counter who informs you that they have merged the nonfiction and the mythology section into one big section called "Non provable literature." wouldn't that make finding what your looking for much more difficult? wouldn't that make little to no sense? Well that's essentially what this idea of yours does...
    Only your idea is worse because you're putting the art textbooks into the magazine and hobbies section which makes literally no sense.

    I beg of you... on my hands an knees like a dog... DO NOT DO THIS! It will kill the arts on this platform.

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    apathyandagony commented  · 

    Artists need their own category. Having to scroll thought endless amounts of irl streams to find art streamers will kill art on twitch.
    Artists need to be able to find each other so we can support each other and people looking for art streams need to be able to find them as well. Removing the Art category will only damage the art community on twitch.

    apathyandagony supported this idea  ·