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    Twitch responded

    Hey guys!

    There were some discussions that weren’t super applicable to feedback and I have gone ahead and removed them.

    We super appreciate the feedback and want to keep hearing your ideas. Please just keep it focused on bodypainting/body art community and feedback around that, over feedback on specific channels/users.

    If you have anyone who you are concerned about on Twitch or someone who you are worried about how they are acting on Twitch always feel empowered to report them so our team can further investigate the situation.

    KayPikeFashion supported this idea  · 
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    KayPikeFashion commented  · 

    If we could have some support for how abusive our workplace is that would be great.

    I'm glad to help firm up guidelines. mainly its if the chats not being classy, if people are degrading the streamer and art, automod not max its contextually awful. Chatters think its okay and it gets toxic and spreads places. But yea, context is key.

    We have the ability to say a body is not inherently evil or baiting/inviting harassment.
    This is a rare fulcrum artfrom: if it is used and implemented wisely. This is super progressive and can shift the status quo of a mind shift between having a body and sexualizing as a streamer/artist.
    I am fully aware its a political act to do what I do in a careful classy way. And it is for everyone that attempts to push the antibully movements and womens liberation movements as they are doing this.

    The streamers that take their output as serious as it is, and hold with reverence what they give into the world with the huge responsibility: do deserve some protection to continue to change minds, and the world.

    Even if a community manager is out of the question a better algorithm system. Even historical automod set to max as a filter from the auto-ban from trolling reports. Mod history with word list, if the chat is getting away being toxic its probably a toxic channel. If the channel is littered with gasm emotes and the streamer is not working on the artwork or soft things around the art chatting and community building around it... then yea probably the topless gamer cliche toxic to the overall build of this as a positive artform. However if theres history of classy assume that a stream is good before assuming it is not. Thats the very mindset we are trying to change:
    A person is not inherently evil. Having skin showing of any or many colours does not mean you are baiting views. Doing somthing fringe and fantastical does not make you inherently anti-establishment.

    There is work to do, It starts with the streamer always. Be covered, a professional level, seamless pasties and a tube top level of opaque paint. Same as you would show up at a convention for a client. I always know future clients are watching and go into every stream like I am guesting in a highschool art class. Keep it professional. Never draw attention to the fact you're a body, no sexualizing yourself , posing like this, lingering in areas inappropriately, or in conversation. Automod max or however its a clean show. Keep it contextual and classy. Then Twitch should step in and protect the positivity. Maybe a safelist of historically max professional level creators.

    Protect people making positive changes and giving voice to marginalized creators by creating a safe and inclusive environment.

    So far this has been the most progressive incredible platform. I Bleed purple. Twitch listens to its creators more then any other place, and has adapted to our want to share this art and say its okay to have a human form and stream. That's humbling and simple and sweet, so stop and breathe that in before getting upset with the platform. Its not Twitch: it's the combination of bad apple toxic streamers and band-wagoning hatred towards fringe (women especially) +the combination of anonymity online. These are old problems, anytime theres change or creativity its often hated, until its shown as a good positive thing. Burn the witch all that. And believe this is less of a 'problem' and more of a 'lower priority' for Twitch.

    So lets keep it classy, lift each other up, try to get more and more and more people painting and streaming bodypaint on Twitch and when theres more people needing help.
    More and more people doing the soft political #antibully #selflove #mentalhealth #womensrights scream and loving themselves for who they are and showing that "yes you can be okay" in this -raw- venerable stressful artform. Still be loved and supported just as you are: skincells cellulite and all with that beautiful sub communication to communities online of that being down to the flesh venerable is okay. You don't * need* to be ashamed or become inherently hate target because your born in a human body; just pasties, opaque paint and good moderators :) Its such a healthy message and so many people want to say it.
    Get more painters and when more people need help: Twitch putting in a 'safe class act streamer' algorithm system might be shuffled on someones desk sooner.