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    Twitch responded

    Hey guys!

    There were some discussions that weren’t super applicable to feedback and I have gone ahead and removed them.

    We super appreciate the feedback and want to keep hearing your ideas. Please just keep it focused on bodypainting/body art community and feedback around that, over feedback on specific channels/users.

    If you have anyone who you are concerned about on Twitch or someone who you are worried about how they are acting on Twitch always feel empowered to report them so our team can further investigate the situation.

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    Mizzy commented  · 

    I would love to see more defined rules. In reality though, body artists are the ONLY group with a break "limit". This rule is not extended to other categories/situational exceptions (Ex. Beach streams are not limited). There is a bit of unfairness/discrimination to that guideline, even more so not being properly defined. I understand if the content is TOTALLY unrelated like dancing or gaming etc. , but just talking or thanking our supporters should not land us a ban. Limiting breaks and communication with our community is counter mental health. I stream on Twitch to enjoy my time and escape the "real" world. Body paints can take 6-15 hours, so it would make sense for us to have a nice long break sometimes to get to know our community more! I am okay with other rules, but the "break" one is what confuses me. I personally feel targeted and deemed inappropriate just for casually showing my artistic expression WITHOUT performing anything sexually related.

    I would love for there to be a designated Bodyart manager, not just for the "Bodyart" category, but also for the tag "Body painting" for Just Chatting streamers. Many of us partners (and non partners) stream in "Just Chatting" because it is where we thrive and we get to really expand our communities by gaining followers that have found an interest (previously unknown) in this form of art! Iv'e had so many amazing people come through that never even knew bodyart existed or have never watched it before. I am trying to constantly spread positivity and awareness that bodyart is in no way inappropriate or a bad expression. We cover our selves up to the standards, we should not be defined as inappropriate, just like wearing a bikini top.

    Hope to see better. Thanks!

    Mizzy supported this idea  ·