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    Rob Frawley 2nd commented  · 

    Right now 2-step-auth on Twitch is such a minimal implementation, only supporting SMS codes (insecure) and Authy integration only. Why can't I at least see a bar-code with my 2-step-auth key so applications outside of Authy can be used, like Google Authenticator. Displaying the 2-step-auth key barcode at setup would even allow the use of OATH-TOTP codes using security keys like the YubiKey 4 and 5.

    But ultimately, as has already been described by the many others commenting in this suggestion thread, it is important that full support for security keys is ultimately added. At a minimum you need to support "FIDO U2F/UAF" (, but it would also be beneficial to support the newer "FIDO 2 UAF/U2F, WebAuthn, CTAP" standard (

    Rob Frawley 2nd supported this idea  ·